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The Sober Hangover

I’ve wanted to write about this for quite a long time, and I know that I’ve mentioned it in passing.  The sober hangover is still somewhat of a mystery side effect for many people with varying immune disorders. Everything about it online is typically in reference to clinical alcoholism…so not exactly the kind of research we need for our purposes.

So what is the sober hangover? 

Well, most of you are all-too familiar with the feeling of a hangover.  The desperately thirsty tongue and raspy throat, the buzzing and throbbing head, and the mild-to-moderate nausea.  Last night you passed out sometime around 5 am, still clutching your roommates bottle of Old Grandad 100 proof whiskey and the remnants of your remaining stomach lining in a bucket next to the bed.  

Still, it was a kickass night, right?  I mean, you *totally* convinced that girl Suzie to make out with that red haired girl and if you hadn’t started puking you probably totally could have hit that.  Besides, you won like, eleven games of beer pong.  You ruled that party.  So totally worth it.

So the difference for us is, very frequently we will wake up with a “hangover”, but without all the crazy comforting - yet distorted - memories of fun from the night before.  Instead, we wake up chugging H2O and gripping our foreheads thinking about how kickass the Incredibles 2 was last night.  (very, obviously)

The “hangover” in my experience, can last a few minutes, or it can take hours to dissipate.  Drinking water definitely helps, which makes me think it’s largely a hydration issue (much like an *actual* hangover).  However, it seems to have very little to do with how hydrated I was when I went to sleep.  So honestly my guesses as to what causes this fairly common phenomenon are exactly that: guesses.  

Things that are likely factors: 


toxins from struggling kidneys and liver

disrupted sleep/poor sleep 

Are there any articles about the Sober Hangover that I may have missed that you found helpful?

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