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Federal Court lifts ban on Stem Cell Research

You may not realize how enormous this is.  Stem Cell research holds the key to so many diseases and their research.  This is a big step for all of us, not just the chronically ill, but everyone.  So much good will follow. 

Here’s an article

And another…

And finally, I think it’s so stupid that people have the time to give a shit about some stupid wedding of two people who don’t matter, meanwhile this world-altering news is overshadowed.  Priorities, people, let’s have some.  Obama has done a good thing, a very good thing, in the face of much adversity.  And he deserves a great deal of credit for it. 

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    Yeah, plus it’s nice to see a happy joyous celebration once and a while, instead of the usual war, death and...
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    This is so, so major. Very exciting because this is relevant to my future in the realm of neuroscience. One of my old...
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